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Your Mind Can Overcome Anything in Life

Your Mind Can Overcome Anything. Maxwell Muir Empowerment Coaching

Have you ever felt that you are lost in life and wandering in a daze?

We all grossly underestimate what we are capable of. Some people are moved to change things for themselves when they hit worse case scenarios.

Take Ownership of Your Life

I’ve been there. I made bad choices after a cascade of tribulations that came my way. Through them all, I found myself broke, alone, extremely depressed and crushed in spirit with literally nowhere to go. I lived that way for a while before things got to the point where I was so desperate that I was forced to ask some hard questions and answer brutal truths about myself and my situation. Adversity can be the catalyst for real positive change in your life. I found that nurturing my desperate emotional state bred some gemlike qualities in shaping my mindset in taking ownership of myself to force the change I wanted and needed.

The Pain of Change

We are all familiar with the common buzzwords used extensively today in the world of personal development, life coaching and business coaching such as mindset, discipline, leadership, resilience, personal power and phrases such as wake up your inner giant and unleash your potential.

  • How powerful are those buzzwords and phrases to you?
  • Have you been desperate enough to feel those words?
  • Do they hold any emotional content for you?
  • In the world of coaching today those ‘buzzwords’ are scattered and thrown around like confetti.
  • Desperation for me means I know what it’s like in life to feel the cold…
  • I know what it’s like in life to not have a roof over my head…
  • I know what it’s like in life to sleep on the floor…
  • I know what it’s like in life to have no luxury…
  • I know what it’s like in life to be hungry and have to budget on little…
  • I know what it’s like in life to feel and be alone…
  • I know what it’s like in life to cry tears of despair and be truly desperate.

Those feelings culminated a shift in my mind that would change the way I would think forever. Some people never get up from that state, they stay there because the pain of being forced to change is greater than their current circumstance, so it’s safer and better to stay as they are. They get comfortable with their discomfort.

Crush Destructive Bad Habits

You don’t have to be on the street, homeless, have addictions, or suffer from debilitating beliefs about yourself to feel this way. You may be stuck in a life you just accept as opposed to living the one you would really want and could have. You may be in a job or have a business that pays well but you fear the challenge that comes with growth and taking it up a level opting to stay safe from risks and be comfortable with what you have. 

Our minds can be our captors or our driving force to better things. Click To Tweet

I’ve spoken to people who are driven to accomplish great things from levels of success they currently have that launch them to a level of ever increasing personal challenge. They thrive on challenge. The changes I made in forcing my way through adversity created an obsession to not only better myself, but they created a belief that I can attain whatever I put my mind to. It gave me the power to crush destructive bad habits and modes of thinking that blocked any attempt of success in my life.

Have you ever felt that way?

Take Action

You can choose beliefs that empower you or ones that disempower you. What you believe about yourself is the difference that makes the difference in overcoming challenge or falling apart at the thought of it. I look back in my hardships and wouldn’t change them for the world. I don’t dwell on them but I hold them precious for they have forged my current belief system and strengths. I remember saying to myself with authority,

‘it’s time you and your weaknesses parted ways.’

That was when the battle for my mind was won and things would be different from that moment onwards. Every strength you have was once a weakness. The difficulties of life don’t go away but the way we think, handle and use them, change us and produce better outcomes that contribute to our personal success. Your mind once directed to a fully connected focus can literally overcome anything. It is naturally resistant to change in the early stages as you tackle deeply embedded habits, but the brain adapts very quickly once you make a firm decision and take action to turn things up for the better.

We are what we think! Asking ourselves some powerful and honest questions can be empowering and even life changing.

Who are you?

How do you view yourself?

What does success and self-mastery mean to you?

Know Your Your Thoughts and Feelings

Whatever the meaning for you is, one thing is for sure, it’s an inside job. That power lies dormant within each and every one of us if we only choose to tap into it and use it to our advantage. Thoughts are the language of the brain, they produce feelings and that our bodies connect to and they connect together to form some powerful associations. Those thoughts and feelings can become habits. The self talk we allow to take place shapes the way we think and feel. The first port of call in making any change is to develop an acute awareness of what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

Ask yourself frequently, ‘what thoughts do I display during adversity and times of stress?’

Check-in with yourself at several points during your day to take stock of your thoughts and your behaviour. If you can check those negative thoughts and get into the habit of upbuilding yourself, being focused, fair and self-encouraging to name a few, you will start to change the way you think and feel.

Fear is afraid of you. It runs for the hills when you take a stance against it. Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best,

‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Empower Yourself in Life

Empower yourself immediately with the thought and the fact that your mind can overcome anything.

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