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The Power of Focus

Maxwell Muir - Business Coach

Can’t find your passion? Just move…

Do you have trouble deciding what you want to do with your life?

Do you feel stuck in a job, want to change, but don’t know what you want to do or which way to turn?

Are you confused because you don’t know what your true calling is?

Don’t despair, this is common. Discovering your passion and finding your way towards what you really want to do with your life can be a bumpy road and it can take a few trials and experiments to find your true vocation.

The important thing is not to become stagnant and come to a standstill. Confusion can turn the road ahead into something resembling a mountain expedition when you are not clear on what it is that you ideally want for yourself.

The lives of entrepreneurs can be like roadmaps that have taken many twists and turns in every direction possible before finding out what really works for them.

Finding your passion is not a stroll. However, it’s important that we stimulate our brains by taking those vital first steps in trying new things. Some of the lives people live, lives that they are wildly passionate about, were unintentional as they happened upon their passion just through taking the initiative to step up and try something new.

The key initially is to go from thinking to doing. Don’t get stuck in thinking mode too much otherwise you end up with a headache and feeling deflated. Click To Tweet

If you truly want change, try something different, change things, your routine, activities, enrol on a course or learn a new skill. If you find down the line it’s not for you that’s okay, you will have benefited from the experience and learned something completely new.

One of the deep-rooted qualities we possess as human beings are our natural curiosity towards new stimuli. You never know where that curiosity can lead you.

Are you curious by nature?

We can lose that curiosity by getting caught up in mundane routines and tiresome unfulfilling jobs. There are new sources of energy released into your body when you are attracted to and become curious about learning and doing something different. We need that energy to lift us and make us feel alive.

Discovering a new passion fuels us to learn more, grow and commit ourselves to change our direction in life. It also holds marvellous benefits in stress reduction when all negative self-talk associated with stagnancy, risk, doubt and confusion are silenced.

Sometimes all we have to do is just move…

Once you start moving and go from thinking to doing, you increase your opportunities in life and very often find yourself being and living life doing something you love and are passionate about. One passion increases your scope and you find that your passion widens out as you discover and immerse yourself in other wondrous new activities. You are living a new life, have renewed vigour and an ambitious attitude towards each day as you grow and start to feel fulfilled.

If you are not clear on what you want in life but really want change, just move…try something new. It can be that simple. Don’t complicate things by over-thinking on what you ultimately want.

Just move…

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