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My talks are suitable as keynotes or seminars & workshops

The purpose of my presentations is to inspire my audience to look at themselves closely. Then ultimately, to empower them to take the necessary steps to reach their highest potential. My stories are sensitive and touching experiences with hard-learned lessons in life. The resilience, the power of belief, passion and enthusiasm for self-improvement, and development. The qualities of focus needed for personal and professional success against any odds.

My Story

In my Keynote ‘My Story’ I will share the pressures and challenges I faced, childhood trauma, a life of extremes living the high life through a destructive path that led me to experience the death of several close friends and ultimately loneliness and homelessness.

I will discuss my road from tragedy to transformation as I endured a life-defining moment. I will share how I faced my fears, made difficult decisions, fought deeply entrenched weaknesses and powerful negative thoughts, and raised myself up again to carve my own pathway to personal freedom. I will reveal the steps I took to personal fulfilment, how I took responsibility for my decisions and actions, persisted through obstacles, embraced discipline, acquired new mental skills and formed effective strategies in cultivating the right mental attitude for personal excellence. My talks are a roller coaster journey tainted with humour, intrigue, drama, suspense, and the delivery of potent and passionate messages that attendees will be able to take away and use in their own lives and work.

Speaker Request Form

Speaker Request Form
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A message to my audience, 'the doors to the highest levels of excellence are open for everyone.'

I am constantly working on new material and do not give memorised talks. A new version of any talk is delivered every time. My ambition is to speak to audiences all over the world. Engage with them, connect and inspire them towards their own success.


In my free time, I love peaceful days on the farm where I live with my family in the Scottish Borders. I have an avid interest in sports psychology and performance. The study of wolves and my favourite city in the world is Rome. I can present to my audience on a variety of subjects. I can cover personal development, fear, overcoming adversity, and self-improvement.


Putting Purpose into Practise!

Release the Pressure – The Power of Focus in Personal Performance and Self-Development.

My Story - Tragedy to Transformation and the Amazing Power of Unshakeable Self-Belief.

A synopsis of each talk can be given on request. I speak on various aspects of personal development, self-awareness and self-improvement.

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