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Mind Food

Mindset Coaching

Mind Food

We often don’t think of our thoughts, what we watch, read, and the conversations we have as food.

Charles Atlas once said, ‘you are what you eat.’ The same applies to what we feed into our minds. We are strongly influenced by the company we keep, what conversations take place, the entertainment we indulge in, and the inner goings on in our mind.

Our minds are sensitive and powerful. They get wired to consistent thoughts and actions. I once lived a very destructive lifestyle where my thoughts did not support me. I allowed my mind to harbour very strong and intense emotions that created a lot of stress and conflict with my life. Every struggle or fight you will ever have takes place in the mind. What you feed into your head on a regular basis can impact how you will deal with and handle those personal battles.

A healthy mind needs nutrition, rest and inner peace so as not to be in conflict with the body. It needs to be protected from harmful influences. Fortunately, like the body, the mind can be strengthened and conditioned to check such things as self-restraining beliefs, put fears into perspective and respond to challenge in a positive and measured way. Your mind and the shape it is in is everything to you.

It all starts with developing a subconscious awareness of your thought environment and the effects your external daily world has on you. As you develop focus you will be acutely aware of what supports you and what hinders you.

It’s a process but one of the wisest and most valuable investments you will ever make.

Is your current state of mind in alignment with what you would like to do in your life?

Take care of what you allow your mind access to, cherish it and protect it. Your mind matters.

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