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Inspirational speaking testimonial

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach during Business Lecture

Testimonial from Mattis Baumann (Delta Business Development) London 2017

Transcript of the video above

Maxwell Muir: I’m here at ‘London Dream Team 2017’ and we have Matt here who’s a friend who I have recently met. Mats in business development and he attended my talk here in London.

Matt, lots of people come here, from a host of different backgrounds so I’m reaching out to lots of different people. What did my talk do for you?

Matt Baumann: Yes, Max, so what I want to tell you people is I’m in business development so I sell, I generate new customers and I was working with Tony Robbins, with you name it and it was always not that much life-changing.

I would say now what makes yours deliver is not only like the tools but it’s, it’s reconditioning yourself and it’s really transformational.

So here I got that what I was always searching for and that will have a lasting effect on me and that will give me more results in my trade and that would be getting more customers.

So Max is a genius in conditioning, and that’s because of your background I know that, and so that is something that brings you to the next level. So Max thank you very, very much for your time and it was a pleasure being with you and thank you very, very much that was a great seminar and great service. Thank you.

Maxwell Muir: Thank you Matt and I’m sure we’ll meet again, absolutely.

Matt Baumann: So I would give you like ten is not enough it’s like 12 out of 10!

Maxwell Muir: Okay, for that you get to come to Scotland and visit me okay. (laughter) Thank you.

Matt Baumann: Thank you very much, thank you. Hey! Just go and buy with him. You know you want to see this guy. Perfect.

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