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Are you feeling the pace? 5 Nuggets to Create the Executive Edge!

Businessman Running in a Hurry

In today’s fast-paced world the stress of ever-increasing work demands take a heavy toll on the health and mindsets of each of us. Burnout is prevalent and performance suffers.

Here are my 5 nuggets empowering you to cultivate and implement the must have habits in order to sustain maximum daily performance.

  • Language – pay acute attention to the language you use towards yourself every day. That inner dialogue can empower or disempower you. It’s a skillset that needs to be worked to great effectiveness. I use powerful anchors of short phrases throughout the day regardless if things are going well or if I am challenged. They are our inner power-points that keep us in a resourceful state and help us to stay in the game!
  • Focus – this leads us to focusing properly on our goals. Goals are supposed to provide a challenge. that’s what makes achieving them feel so damned good. When we get distracted, stressed, or lose clarity, we falter and our focus goes out the window. Use your inner dialogue to channel your intentions towards your goal, anticipate the fact you are going to be tested and mentally prepare for it.
  • Health – if you are going to be stretched and tested then you must align your body and mind. there’s no way around it. Your health will determine how well you can sustain a high-level performance. Find a way to move, stretch, energize and prepare your whole being for the road ahead. If you have time take a power walk, swim, just get active! Poor eating, drinking, sleep, and unhealthy habits will slowly derail your productivity and creativity affecting your entire performance.
  • Recovery – great efforts mean taking deserved breaks. These should be taken and be non-negotiable. Recovery is about working smarter and knowing when to put your foot on the gas and when to ease off. your brain demands the time to rejuvenate, recharge and reset. Schedule it into your day and learn to switch off and go back to your tasks energized with a fully connected focus.
  • Self-awareness – this is one of the most valuable qualities you can develop. We can all fall into negative thinking traps when under pressure. The objective when we recognise we are drifting to an unresourceful state is to check them with your anchors, eliminate them, and develop the ability to refocus quickly. This takes daily practise but with effort and concentration it can be powerfully harnessed,

How we deal with pressure is paramount to developing high-performance habits and shaping the mindset needed to excel in the pursuit of our goals. Inhabit the mind of success by applying the fundamental elements that make up a clear and focused perspective and you will raise your game, change your standards, create better results, and generate greater success in your life and work.

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