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Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach

‘It is the power of your thoughts, convincing yourself that you are capable, that you can, that you will, it is those thoughts that give meaningful purpose and create positive change in your life.'


Personal and Professional Development

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach

Maxwell Muir



It places you in a position to direct the course of your own life. Once you make the decision to commit to your goal, follow your dreams and transform your life, the next challenge is staying on your chosen path when it becomes bumpy and the storms come. That is where the value of a coach comes in. It drives you to stay determined and pushes you to persist through the obstacles. No successful person in life or business has reached a level of excellence without encountering adversity and setbacks along the way. That’s life!

As your coach I will:

  • Identify what you need!
  • See the potential to do it!
  • Devise a plan to attain those results!

I will be your strategic partner to get you where you want to be. I will hold you accountable in making sure you stay on track to succeed.

Your Gains:
  • Increased Confidence!
  • Increased Focus & Concentration!
  • Increased Decisiveness!
  • Enhanced Communication & Speaking Skills!
  • Discipline!
  • Greater Organization & Time Management!
  • Less Stress & More Success!
  • Results!

Discover Your Personal Excellence!

As your coach I can provide you with bespoke coaching programmes, individual and group sessions, and tailored packages.

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach during Business Lecture

Coaching Packages

*The listed coaching packages are different according to each person and your own unique needs. While the coaching style and programme I use is flexible according to your individual or group goals and circumstances. to receive full coaching package details and expense.

*Travelling fees and accommodation expenses apply outside Edinburgh and Internationally

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    30 Day Personal Development Empowerment Package

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    Group Virtual Coaching (arranged according to your desires)

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    International Packages Negotiated by Appointment

Use the contact form to receive full coaching package details and expense