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Are You Choosing to be Confident?

Personal Development - Are you Choosing to be Confident?

Confidence does not come from a positive mental attitude.That helps of course, but it comes from focusing on what you need to do and applying the discipline to follow it through.

Discipline breeds confidence. That’s what creates the belief that you will meet your dreams and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. Without attitude there is no discipline. Discipline enables you to trust yourself in knowing that you have put in the work and that you are confident that you have fully prepared yourself. Discipline helps you to keep up your focus when the storms come.


Your attitude gives power to your thoughts, convincing yourself each day that you are capable, that you can, that you will. It is those thoughts carried by a carefully nurtured attitude that makes the positive changes in your life.
We all have experienced where a bad attitude can get us. Honing that strong attitude is a contest with yourself to bring out the best qualities you can possibly reach deep withing yourself for. It involves your body and your mind.

Daily early morning check-ins are essential in determining how you will handle the day ahead. Something as simple as pausing to reflect your mood, your state of mind, and identifying what thoughts are running through your brain can be vital in helping you regain a strong mental focus. When you consistently ask yourself, ‘how you feel’ in any given circumstance, you are creating a greater level of personal self-awareness that will help you discover your best focus.

How you respond to challenge and stress is trying, but it is still a choice. A good strong attitude has the power to eliminate problems, and that power can be used in the blink of an eye with only a little practise.

Take care to check your attitude regularly, be aware of how you feel and strive to overcome thoughts that make you tired, stressed and unproductive.

Daily Routine

Work daily on your attitude. Start tomorrow with daily early morning check-ins before you start your day. Take the time to do it. Focus yourself on keeping a good attitude towards everything throughout the day and keep it up for seven days. After the seven days take time for a self-examination and assess how good you now feel. It changes everything.

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