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Changing Your Mindset

Mindset Coaching - The Challenge

Consistency is the Master Key to Change!

Do you desire change?
Are you currently contemplating change?
What does change mean to you?

When the thought of ‘change’ floats through the air some people feel uneasy with it. Why? Some can be resistant to change. The mind can be averse to the thought of risk. Change, means sacrifice, challenge, and discipline as some personal adjustments need to be made. It creates the need to ask questions about ourselves.

The reason small efforts of change, half-hearted and non-committal attempts fail, is that the pleasure of not changing is greater than the pain, or fear, of change. If you don’t decide quickly your mind throws a barrage of what ifs, buts, don’ts, maybe’s and later, or ‘the time is not right’ type of reasoning at you.

Have you ever felt that way? I certainly have!

Have you ever contemplated the prospect of making a change, had a little time to think and ponder over it and then decide, ‘I’ll put it off or take measures to avoid it?’

Perhaps you have considered leaving your job to start your own business, quitting smoking for better health but you enjoy it too much and conclude that your health is fine when you know you’re living a denial.

Maybe you have been offered a promotion or new job involving more responsibility and demands than that you are used to having. Then decided ‘better the devil you know’, and opted to remain in your comfort zone. This is all fear of change.


My mother used to tell me, ‘you can’t change your nature.’ The thing is you can, you can change more than nature, you can change your whole world and future by adopting a specific mindset that empowers you, as opposed to one that disempowers you and pulls down every effort you make to improve any area of your life.

One thing I learned in making the necessary changes in my life was that the entire process depended on consistency. In any personal development challenge one takes, it soon becomes evident that it is not so easy only to change one thing at a time.

A client I worked with recently who was determined to stop smoking discovered there were many different elements involved so that he could succeed. This included lifestyle changes and daily routines, a review of his social circles, a new way of thinking as well as the development of acute self-awareness in fighting off strong resistant negative thoughts.

A change in one thing also leads to change in another.

Change is painful at first, it involves a shift in values. It takes commitment, conviction, focus and resilience. However, those resistant thoughts only last so long. With the proper focused support, encouragement and desire, things start to shift and you gain a whole new outlook on yourself and life.

I believe in my work as a coach that it takes around 2-3 months to effectively make the shift towards everlasting change. As you are making new habits you are also dissolving old ones, stubborn habits and thoughts that have a powerful pull when the going gets tough when not every day is positive for you.

I believe in my work as a coach that it takes around 2-3 months to effectively make the shift towards everlasting change. Click To Tweet


This is where you learn the true meaning of the word consistency and the importance of the application of it. Consistency is the master key to any true change you desire in your life. Your desire must be very strong to be consistent with your efforts.

How often are you doing the essential things in keeping you on track in your path to personal change?

Consistency is an essential part of the discipline you employ when bringing about personal change. It has pulling power which creates the momentum needed in leading you to the results you desire. It is not a quick fix as old habits will die hard, understand you are playing the long game but the benefits and the feelings that go with accomplishment are second to none.

It is the most empowering thing in the world knowing you have personally defeated a destructive habit or conquered a fear that has trapped you.

Mindset Development

Mindset takes consistent work and the show is not over once you have succeeded. It takes maintenance to keep its power to the specific point to identify in your progress is what message are you repeatedly telling yourself. Your daily thoughts must be consistent with your actions to have effective outcomes.

Momentum is borne through consistency. If you find yourself stopping and starting to change things or kick old habits it causes you pain and feelings of failure. I found this out the very hard way in facing my own personal challenges. What I did come to realise is that I had to be prepared for falls.

Life’s challenges are mostly uphill ones, it takes struggle and tears to get a win in life. Look at the great examples of ‘come from behind’ wins from individuals and teams in the sporting world against some formidable and impossible odds. Look at the struggles of people who have battled through extreme hardship and adversity to come through winning at the end.

Consistency in your chosen fight with a strong spirit to succeed will hone in you precious qualities that will serve you well for the rest of your life, and influence those who you come into contact with. You will be truly empowered through your struggle.

When you succeed in your personal change you will start to apply consistency in other areas of your life as you develop your mind to shape a winning attitude. You will believe in your potential that you can do anything you put your mind to.


Do not fear change, embrace the thought of it. Do not get yourself down during the grind but know that it is a marathon and not a sprint and that you have prepared your mind for success over the long haul. You will become comfortable with the price and the prize of grinding and seeing things through. Have faith in yourself, be consistent, and do the work!

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