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Businessman Running in a Hurry

Are you feeling the pace? 5 Nuggets to Create the Executive Edge!

In today’s fast-paced world the stress of ever-increasing work demands take a heavy toll on the health and mindsets of each of us. Burnout is prevalent and performance suffers. Here are my 5 nuggets empowering you to cultivate and implement the must have habits in order to sustain maximum daily performance. Language – pay acute…

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Businessman Gazing Out Window

Why shifting your focus from results to performance will be a game changer.

The world of sports and performance focus intently on a primary area, the area of preparation. This features heavily on the mental side as much as the physical practise that is needed. The result of this mental readiness develops a driven and winning mentality at high level that is grounded in hard work, productive habits,…

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Maxwell Muir - Business Coach

The Power of Focus

Can’t find your passion? Just move… Do you have trouble deciding what you want to do with your life? Do you feel stuck in a job, want to change, but don’t know what you want to do or which way to turn? Are you confused because you don’t know what your true calling is? Don’t…

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Mindset Coaching - The Challenge

Changing Your Mindset

Consistency is the Master Key to Change! Do you desire change? Are you currently contemplating change? What does change mean to you? When the thought of ‘change’ floats through the air some people feel uneasy with it. Why? Some can be resistant to change. The mind can be averse to the thought of risk. Change,…

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Personal Development - Are you Choosing to be Confident?

Are You Choosing to be Confident?

Confidence does not come from a positive mental attitude.That helps of course, but it comes from focusing on what you need to do and applying the discipline to follow it through. Discipline breeds confidence. That’s what creates the belief that you will meet your dreams and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. Without attitude there is no…

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Mindset Coaching

Mind Food

Mind Food We often don’t think of our thoughts, what we watch, read, and the conversations we have as food. Charles Atlas once said, ‘you are what you eat.’ The same applies to what we feed into our minds. We are strongly influenced by the company we keep, what conversations take place, the entertainment we…

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