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Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach

"Excellence is an attitude, a state of mind"


Maxwell Muir - Founder of Empowerment Coaching.

I am Maxwell Muir.  I am a personal development coach based in Edinburgh, Scotland. People often ask, ‘what is it that a personal development coach does?’
I reply, ‘I coach people to push past their limiting beliefs, to train their minds to reach their best focus, and to set them on the road to personal excellence!’

I am also an international public speaker devoted to delivering my message on the benefits of personal growth and continual self-improvement for those who have a real need for change in their lives. I act as your coach and your trusted confidant staying with you every step of the way towards your success. My passion for coaching empowers my clients to transform their lives and open opportunities for them by clarifying their vision and focusing on developing the habits necessary to reach it.

Personal Life Challenges

My life has involved overcoming some powerful personal challenges. These include the loss of several close friends, a lack of direction, temporary homelessness and the harbouring of destructive thoughts and attitudes. These would sabotage any attempts at making any personal progress in my life.

Since the passing of one my closest friends in 1993 I reached a significant turning point. I made a solid decision and commitment to change my life permanently and I threw myself into a rigorous course of self-development. This would challenge every area of my life and thinking. It has since awakened qualities that I never dreamed existed within myself. Consequently, I now grow and live each day refining the qualities that have drastically changed my life for the better.

Maxwell Muir Personal Development Coach

Life and Success Coach and Speaker

‘Change is a Sign of Strength.’

I learned that to improve your life and prospects you must invest in yourself. This means developing a very specific mindset that creates a powerful self-awareness of your thoughts and images that support you in being truly focused. This new focus promotes the discipline necessary to maximise the use of your time, learn to raise your existing skills and add new ones, rise to challenge, manage your stress effectively, kick destructive habits, and use productive language, self-talk and actions for personal success.
I have been sharing my message to my audience and encouraging them to have the courage to embrace and go after what’s important to them, find their purpose, and live a life of no regrets.
Discover how my Empowerment Coaching can help you!

‘You own both your success and your failure.’

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach during a Business Seminar

As an inspirational speaker.. presentations focus on inspiring my audience and clients to overcome personal adversity. Adjusting their mindset towards fulfilment, happiness and success.

Associate Member of PSAUK (Professional Speakers Association)
Member of GSF (Global Speakers Federation)
Member Toastmasters International