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Is your desire to change and transform your life strong?
Do you have ambition beyond your current circumstance?
Do you feel dis-empowered and trapped by bad habits, limiting beliefs and a loss of confidence?

Our thoughts shape our attitudes, our attitudes drive and fuel our behaviour, and the results we get in life are a result of that.

Do you truly want to get the very best from yourself?

You have come to the right place.

Maxwell Muir Empowerment Coaching presents your ultimate personal development and self-improvement programme with a performance coach who finally opens the way for you to reach the highest levels of personal and professional excellence.

My life coaching strategy will show you how to develop your mindset, focus, and the essential power habits necessary for personal and professional success in your life. My role as coach is to empower you to excel and take your life to a whole new level.

As an individual, group or business you will learn to use the key leadership and performance tools necessary for higher-level success in your life and work. As a result, the excellent coaching packages on offer will target your own specific needs. You will have the options of working with me intimately face to face as often as is necessary and through continued support via virtual coaching.

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach
'I coach driven people to push their potential, discover their best focus, and set them on the road to personal excellence'.


Elliot Reeves Testimonial | Founder | Broadcaster | Video Producer | LION 12k+

I first had the pleasure of meeting Maxwell in advance of interviewing him on my show, Inspired Edinburgh. The first thing you notice about Max is his boundless energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

Having got to know Maxwell on a personal level, I can say that he is someone who unequivocally walks his talk. He has successfully overcome adversity and personal struggle in his own life, enabling him to understand precisely what habits one needs to build, and what shift in mindset is required in order to become a high-performance person.

His deep knowledge and passion for personal development and self-improvement make him an incredibly powerful coach and speaker. If you are looking for someone who will inspire and empower you and/or your audience, Max is your man!

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Elliot Reeves

Founder | Broadcaster | Video Producer | LION 12k+

Are you unhappy and bored with a life of mediocrity? Do you feel unfulfilled and hindered by limiting beliefs and self-doubt? Do you know that you are capable of being more, giving more, doing more and achieving more with your life or business? If you really want to create change in your circumstances then Maxwell Muir Empowerment Coaching is for you.

Maxwell Muir Life and Business Coach

I can’t do it for you,
but I can do it with you.

First of all you really need to take a crucial step and decide to change Now! To do that you must ask yourself a simple question.

"Am I mentally ready? Am I Truly Ready?"

I challenge you to decide to change. Inspire yourself to act and take ownership of your life. Embark on a journey that fulfils you and above all allows you to reach out. Finally grasp the life you are capable of living.

Take positive action now and meet me on the next page!!!

Are you feeling the pace? 5 Nuggets to Create the Executive Edge!

By Maxwell Muir | May 28, 2019

In today’s fast-paced world the stress of ever-increasing work demands take a heavy toll on the health and mindsets of each of us. Burnout is prevalent and performance suffers. Here are my 5 nuggets empowering you to cultivate and implement the must have habits in order to sustain maximum daily performance. Language – pay acute…

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Why shifting your focus from results to performance will be a game changer.

By Maxwell Muir | May 28, 2019

The world of sports and performance focus intently on a primary area, the area of preparation. This features heavily on the mental side as much as the physical practise that is needed. The result of this mental readiness develops a driven and winning mentality at high level that is grounded in hard work, productive habits,…

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The Power of Focus

By Maxwell Muir | February 6, 2019

Can’t find your passion? Just move… Do you have trouble deciding what you want to do with your life? Do you feel stuck in a job, want to change, but don’t know what you want to do or which way to turn? Are you confused because you don’t know what your true calling is? Don’t…

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Your Mind Can Overcome Anything in Life

By Maxwell Muir | December 9, 2018

Have you ever felt that you are lost in life and wandering in a daze? We all grossly underestimate what we are capable of. Some people are moved to change things for themselves when they hit worse case scenarios. Take Ownership of Your Life I’ve been there. I made bad choices after a cascade of…

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Interview with Lee Foster Revitalise

By Maxwell Muir | December 7, 2018

Video Interview with Lee Foster of Revitalise A total pleasure to meet up with Lee Foster of Revitalise today in Livingston. In preparation for presenting ‘My Story’ at the Revitalise Networking Event on December 18th at Parklands Hotel & Country Club in Glasgow.  Transcript 100:00:02,409 –> 00:00:05,899Lee Foster: Good morning everybody. It’s Lee here 200:00:04,490…

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Interview with Susie Mollison

By Maxwell Muir | November 15, 2018

Live interview with Susie Mollison from the Personal Growth Community,  a Facebook group.  A community for people to share their own personal growth stories, help others on their personal growth journey and promote personal growth events that would benefit others. In this video, I speak about my personal journey from where I was to where…

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Inspirational speaking testimonial

By Maxwell Muir | October 27, 2018

Testimonial from Mattis Baumann (Delta Business Development) London 2017 Transcript of the video above Maxwell Muir: I’m here at ‘London Dream Team 2017’ and we have Matt here who’s a friend who I have recently met. Mats in business development and he attended my talk here in London. Matt, lots of people come here, from…

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Changing Your Mindset

By Maxwell Muir | October 25, 2018

Consistency is the Master Key to Change! Do you desire change? Are you currently contemplating change? What does change mean to you? When the thought of ‘change’ floats through the air some people feel uneasy with it. Why? Some can be resistant to change. The mind can be averse to the thought of risk. Change,…

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Global Business Summit

By Maxwell Muir | October 20, 2018

I’m proud and honoured to be one of the keynote speakers at the Global Business Summit in November. It’s a great line up of speakers and I get to share with you the story of my own personal development journey and my ongoing quest for personal and professional excellence! Turn Your Pain Into Motivation and…

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What Makes A Great Personal Development Coach?

By Maxwell Muir | October 9, 2018

Personal development was not a phrase or a term I was well acquainted with back in the early to mid-nineties, although it is something I so desperately needed. My life was in turmoil and I courted disaster after disaster as I veered off the rails and headlong into a place of dark negative thoughts and…

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